Coordinates: 40.484175, 21.293069

Ecomuseum of Dispilio

One of the most interesting museums in North Greece is located on the southern side of the lake of Kastoria, at the archaeological site of Dispilio. It is the Ecomuseum in a distance of just seven km from the city. At theta area traces from a lakeshore settlement have been found from the Neolithic period, which extends from the middle of the 6th to the middle of the 4th millennium BC. The Ecomuseum represents as faithfully as possible the prehistoric settlement, as well as the life of the people who lived there and their main activities were fishing, stockbreeding and agriculture. It constitutes a magic window into the far away past of humankind, for which we know very little. The materials that were used for constructing both the settlement and the house items that are exhibited inside the houses are similar to the ones that were used by primitive man during the first steps of mankind.



Other Names: Αρχαιολογικός Χώρος Δισπηλιό

Telephone: 24670 85406

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