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Coordinates: 39.881489, 22.230318

Tower of Mamtziouridis

An impressive guard and at the same time an ornament for Tsaritsani is the Tower of Mamtziouridis. It is the only one still standing from the three towers that stood here, and is located at the central district of Panagia, opposite the metropolitan church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary. Its inscription has the date 1770 and is a representative example of the architecture of Larissa that was evident in the “konakia”, that is the stone tower-houses that protected the population from the raids of bandits. Inside there are galleries, “lagoumia” which were used by the people of the area to hide or escape. Its seventy one embrasures that it has, on all three floors, the square building from where they poured burning hot oil, the turret and the wall, which run along its perimeter, made it an impregnable fortress but without being devoid of beauty. 



Address: Tsaritsani

Access: Car

Parking: Free

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