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Church of Agios Nikolaos

On the northwestern part of Tsaritsani, at the district of Bouboutsia, is the church of Agios Nikolaos, one of most important monuments of the town and on the of the most representative examples of Post Byzantine art.

It was constructed in 1615 according to an inscription which survives in its interior, and underwent modifications in the 18th century, while it seems that there were quarters for monks as well. The church is an aisleless, with a narthex at its three sides ending through the side porticos to two chapels, of Agioi Apostoloi and Agios Georgios. Its roof is wooden in the interior and is divided into parts with various shapes and colors. Its interior is covered with wall paintings of exceptional art, that can be dated to two main stages, the 17th and mainly the 18th century. They stand out for the various, rare and original themes, in which the painters tried to combine the Christian teaching with the ancient Greek philosophy. Among them, important is the impressive, huge work “Tree of Jesse”, at the southern portico, which includes ninety figures in total, among them ancient philosophers as well, and the representation of the zodiac, while at the northern portico is the “Passage of Time”, which depicts the stages in man’s life. It is noteworthy that since the narthex was a later addition, the older wall paintings essentially covered the external walls of the church.

At the interior of the church, remarkable works are the wooden-carved, gold-plated screen which was built in 1615, as well as the despotic throne and the shrines, which are decorated with ivory and mother-of-pearl. Of great interest are the two chapels, which have in their interior remarkable icons. The icons of Agioi Apostoloi were painted in 1753 by Nikolaos and his son Alexios from Ioannina and possess the beautiful wooden-carved screen of the middle of the 18th century, while the icons at the chapel of Agios Georgios were created in 1730.

The church celebrates on the 6th December.





6 December

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