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Coordinates: 37.385914, 22.746867

Lagoon of Mousto

Near Astros in Kynouria, is one of the most remarkable wetlands of the Peloponnese, the beautiful lake of Mousto, which is a protected area. It connects to the sea with two canals, the larger of which was constructed by engineers of king Otto in an effort to dry out the area.

It possesses rare flora, it hosts otters and jackals, both of them protected species, while a lot of fishes live in its waters, and it is the most important migratory station of thousands of birds to Eastern Peloponnese. Furthermore, its brackish waters have therapeutical qualities due to the sulfur salts they contain and are considered beneficiary to those who have rheumatic diseases. 



Address: North Kynouria 22001

Access: Car, Bus

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