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Coordinates: 37.562516, 22.802354


One of the most well preserved fortresses of Greece is the impressive Palamidi. Built during the 2nd Venetian Occupation in the end of the 17th century it is one of the most complete examples of the famous Venetian fortification architecture.

Palamidi was occupied by the Greeks on the 30th of November 1822, day of celebration of Agios Andreas, after a long siege. Each year, on the same day, they organize a religious service for the liberation of the city from the Ottomans at the small church of Agios Andreas. At Palamidi they imprisoned Theodoros Kolokotronis, the hero of the Greek Revolution, with the charge of high treason. Today the visitor can see the cell that they held him, going at Palamidi by car or climbing its famous 999 steps.   



Address: Naflplio 211 00

Access: Car

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