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Coordinates: 40.636610, 22.941181


Bezistan, the roofed market at the present day Venizelos street, was the commercial heart of the Ottoman Thessaloniki, with a defining role in the economic life of the city. It was built in the 15th century and was the central market if precious goods, like jewels, precious stones and textiles.

It is a rectangular building that is housed with domes and in its initial form it didn’t have any stores at its external perimeter, and as a matter of fact in the night it closed up hermetically in order to protect the expensive merchandise at its interior. It used to house more than 100 stores and until the present day it has hosted dozens of small businesses, mainly jeweler's shops, while at its gallery they created an original exhibition area.



Address: Papadopouloy 17, Thessaloniki 546 24

Access: Bus, Car

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