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Coordinates: 40.644181, 22.961925


At the highest point of Thessaloniki, exactly opposite the Monastery of Vlatadon, was the Byzantine acropolis.

It was the refuge of the people in case of an enemy attack and took its final form during the years of the Palaiologos family, in the 14th century.

At its top is the fortress Heptapyrgion, known with its Turkish name Yedi Kule, which from 1890 and for approximately for a century it was a prison, famous for the difficult prison conditions and the dark cells. Nowadays, there is a museum exhibition at the area which hosts cultural events, while from here one can admire the wonderful view to the city and the Thermaic Gulf. 



Other Names: Yedi Kule

Address: Eptapyrgiou 546 36

Access: Local Bus, Car

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