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Coordinates: 40.634700, 22.941634

Modiano Market

The roofed market Modiano, at the centre of Thessaloniki, near the monastery of Agia Theodora and Panagia Chalkeon, is one of the busiest and traditional locations in the city. It was built by the mechanic Eli Modiano in 1922 and is a simple building, with archaic façade and a glass roof. It was one of the most important of its era, the more modern version of the market, in contrast with the Turkish Bezistan which had the major bulk of commercial activity until that time. Nowadays, it housed stores of every kind of food, but also small taverns that are filled with people during the day, the hours when the market is open.




Aristotelous, Ermou, Komnineon and Vasileos Hrakleiou, Thessaloniki 546 24


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